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        Brief Introduction of Xining Tianyu Photovoltaic Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

        Xining Tianyu Photovoltaic Science and Technology Co., Ltd, formerly Xining Tianyu Solar Power Supply Factory, is a professional producer of solar energies, providing services of household solar power, solar battery component, product development, packaging and sales with new and high photo-electronic technologies. As a joint-stock enterprise, Xining Tianyu was established on 13 July 1998, with 10,000,000RMB of registered capital. Located in the northwest of China, our products are spread over Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces.

        Development began to take shape after the company’s establishment. The factory area has been enlarged to 3,000㎡, and the number of employees rose to 85 including 19 technicians, 10 administrators, 8 salesmen, 2 storekeepers, 2 lamination workers and 44 assemblers.

        We own advanced machinery equipments, including three laser scribing machines, two semi-automatic laminators, two full-automatic laminators, four monolithic testers, three module testers, two production lines, two insulation resistance testers, two withstand voltage testers, direct-current power supply, load power supply, as well as other fixed assets.

        At present, Xining Tianyu basically provides services of household power supply, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cell components, power generating system, as well as application products services, such as research and development, manufacture, sales and after-sales service. Our main products include Sanguang multifunctional household solar power supply and smart power supply controller, featuring in reliable quality, stable performance, safety, long operating life, easy operation, convenient maintance and portability. The models of battery components range from 4W to 200W, and the annual capacity reaches 50,000 sets of household systems and 3MW of  battery components, products selling well in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and some neighbor countries like Mongolia, Nepal, Russia and Kazakhstan. We have a production capacity of 6 series with more than 20 kinds of products: solar power supply Model: ZL98 2 32918.0 with radio and cassette player device which is very popular among herdsmen, controller Model TDZ12V115-25AHT1 which has passed certificate of the GEF Program, and other serial products which have been widely used in the fields of electric power, communication, transportation, national defense, and new energy power generation. Our products have been specified as qualifying products by the PV Project - the Renewable Energy Development Project (REDP).

        Our solar panels are under guarantee replacement for 10 years if it fails to generate power due to quality problems, and controllers 2 years’ warranty, storage battery under guarantee replacement for 2 years, and lighting devices 1 year’s warranty. When warranty expires, users still can accept maintenance service from us but shall pay correspondent cost.

        Xining Tianyu will adhere to the principle of continuous exploration and pioneering, to integrate advanced designing thinking, perfect high-tech measures, skillful process technology and professional service into our products. Xining Tianyu is dedicated to providing enthusiastic and considerate services to the customers; we hope that Sanguang solar power supply and Tianyu battery component can be spread throughout the world, connecting our hearts with farmers and herdsmen.